Die Cutting

Die cutting is an amazing process in which you can create similar shapes, with exact dimensions over and over without using scissors or a craft knife. You could even make intricate shapes like scored lines for pockets. This is a great way to create promotional and marketing materials with high accuracy. The most common products created through this process include shop displays, packaging 

At KOPO Studio, our die cutting service is the most efficient way to ensure your product always has exactly what you want. We can take care of all those pesky dies and cut anything from paper, board or even fabric. We are your one-stop shop for all of your design needs.

With our die cutting services, you can create cutouts and slits in printed materials that are custom made just for your needs. You can also choose the perfect shape for your needs with our large library of dies. 


Our Die Cutting Srevice

At KOPO Studio, we have some of the most sophisticated equipment in this industry. Our state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained employees ensure each die is perfect before it’s assembled by hand, just for you.

We use a large cutting form to create your design and crease out other materials. We offer them at an affordable price with no set-up or running charge. Simply add the printing and then select which die cutter is most suitable for your project.

Don’t let the limitations of everyday creativity stop you in your tracks. 

With our die cutting techniques, we can create custom shapes to fit any need or occasion. Also, we have a range of standard dies or we can guide you through setting up your own custom template.

With the ability to provide customers with quick and efficient service, we’ve built our business on providing an all-inclusive package. We do everything from cutting your material upright when you need it without hassle involved in shipping costs etc., which means no more costly surprises down the line.

Why Choose Our Die Cutting Service 

Nobody does it like we do. With our die cutting service, you can create detailed and professional designs that set your brand apart from other companies. 

The competition for attention in this highly competitive industry can be fierce, but you have an edge with our artistically designed die cutting and custom packaging options. With a unique shape or colour of your preference that best fits your business card layout, you’ll definitely stand out from the rest. By using our die cuts you can entice customers and make them curious about what you have in store for them. What a great way to promote brand awareness!

FAQs About Our Die Cutting Service 

Die cutting is a craft term that refers to the act of creating cut-out shapes with machines. With the use of a rotary tool, you can create your shape with consistent dimensions without having to cut out each individual piece by hand. You’ll save time and make sure that they always look professional.

By using digital die cutting machines, you can create unique pieces of artwork with just the push of a button. The process is easy and simple for anyone.

The blade inside the machine cuts through paper or other materials to create unique shapes. You can select what design you want via your computer’s software program, phone app and other devices. 

Though die cutting machines vary (you’ll want to read about them first), all of these devices can cut paper. Some may also work with felt, foam or thin fabric; vinyl is an option as well if you have specific needs like corkboard, rubber, sponge or sponge.

Die cutting is like sewing. You’ll need to invest in a few necessities at first, but once those are purchased there’s no additional cost for supplies. You can start making trendy dies from various collections of paper and other materials. 

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